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Product Name: MWC Sintered Multi-Layered Woven Wire Mesh Composites

Read:6167 | Time:2009/3/30

      Berae manufactures MWC multi-layered woven wire mesh composites.This class of filtration media is sintered 
under high temperature with our unique process,so that the wires are well-bonded at every point of contact to
ensure excellent mechanical strength,pore stability,and accurate filtration during services.The filtration resistance is extremely low due to surface filtration.MWC elements are fully cleanable and reusable with routine cleaning
methods.Unlike depth-bed filtration media,MWC media utilize surface filtration principle,thus much lower flow
resistance and significantly higher permeability.Besides those mentioned above,MWC elements have also superior corrosion and abrasion resistance,especially suitable for fine filtration of high temperature,high pressure and
viscous fluids.MWC media have been extensively used in petrochemical,chemical,nuclear,food,pharmaceutical,
airspace and environmental industries,as well as in polymer filtration,viscose filtration,water and gas filtration.
Standard materials offered by Berae include 316L,304L,and 304 stainless steel.For other special materials,such as Hastelloy,Inconel,Monel and Nickel,please consult with us.

Schematic Configuration:

Grade Nominal Filter Rating
Absolute Filter Rating
Bubble Point Pressure
MWC-2 2 8~9 5570

Thickness of Standard 5-layered Composite
Thickness of Standard 6-layered Composite

MWC-5 5 12~14 3569
MWC-10 10 16~18 2938
MWC-15 15 24~26 2380
MWC-20 20 28~32 2190
MWC-30 30 40~45 1750
MWC-40 40 58~63 1050
MWC-50 50 72-80 920
MWC-60 60 68-79 780
MWC-75 75 86-98 720
MWC-100 100 112-120 650
MWC-150 150 160-175 530

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