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About Us

About Us

      Located in Guangdong Province( Southern China), Shaoguan Berae Filters Co., Ltd. is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced metallic filtration media and systems. Since established the company has developed sintered porous metal filters, sintered multi-layered wire mesh composites, and metal fiber sheets. Today, Berae has become the ONLY company with the most complete products of metallic filtration media in China.

     With its excellent manufacture equipment (some imported) and strong research team, Berae has the capacity to offer a  wide range of metallic filtration products with very competitive price. Berae can also provide many non-standard products to meet our customers' special needs. For the years in business, Berae is committed to continuous quality improvements, and new  product development. Berae is ISO9001:2008 certified, and becomes  the first-tier supplier of SINAPEC. Berae strives to offer  high quality products and excellent services to our customers.

     Sticking to its core business values: to survive with high quality, and to grow with  advanced technology; to complete with reasonable price, and to expand the market  with  lowcost operation, Berae has rapidly earned distinguished reputation among domestic and oversee customers. The company looks forward to building long-time stable business relationship with our customers worldwide.
Guangdong Shaoguan Berae Filters Co.,Ltd
address:Wujiang Industrial Park,City of Shaoguan,Guangdong Province,China   phone:0751-8136876 8136190 Tel:13826321218
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